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Now Under Construction
Synergy In Partnership

Toronto is an exciting canvas for new development – We are thrilled to be involved with a concept that’s pushing the envelope of what live/work can be, while respecting the area’s rich heritage.


Downing Street

Integrity. Trust. Experience.
FOUNDED IN 1986, The Downing Street Group is a full-service developer with a keen focus on transforming the urban landscape with revitalized real estate investments that add value and enhance the communities with which they integrate.

Recently, The Downing Street Group was a catalyst for change at Parliament and Queen East with the striking conversion of the former “Marty Millionaire” furniture building into the celebrated We Charity Global Learning Centre, respecting the historic character of this century-old brick and beam warehouse – and using it as an inspiration for Warehouse Lofts Toronto.

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The Sher Corporation

Point. Focus. Direction.
Armed with a strong understanding of urban design and a future-focused approach to real estate, The Sher Corporation develops high-quality residences that add value to the architectural landscape. Sher is dedicated to creating outstanding residences that push the design envelope, while seamlessly weaving into the existing urban fabric.

With over 26 years of experience in the real estate market, principal Shakeel Walji brings an unparalleled understanding of development that is uncommon in today’s marketplace. Possessing a strong background as a professional engineer and a creative flair for design, he fully understands the development process from concept to execution.

The Sher Corporation is devoted to enriching the lives of homeowners with high-quality spaces that incorporate the latest trends in architecture and design with timeless forms. An incredible portfolio and an excellent reputation with clients keeps Sher closely attuned to the real estate landscape.

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Kohn Architects

Having sensitively and successfully completed the restoration and modernization of the WE Global Learning Centre, the Kohn Partnership Architects are back as lead architect and interior designers for the all-new Warehouse Lofts Toronto. Guided by founding partner Harry Kohn, the team once again brings their high-quality design, aesthetic sensibility, technical innovation and sustainable principles to the Corktown neighbourhood.

Grove Project Management

Specializing in the development and construction of boutique infill condominiums and custom homes, Grove Inc. provides comprehensive project management services to both developers and homeowners alike. From the beginning of the planning stage through to budgeting, permit procurement and overseeing financial and construction management requirements, each project is handled by our team of experts, ensuring the project will be completed on time and on budget.

The Walsh Group

The Walsh Group is a full-service land development consultancy. They work with developers, providing the ideas and expertise they need to go from empty lot to finished building, with knowledgeable support at every stage along the way.

They offer a remarkable breadth of expertise, designing floor plans and building envelopes, determining amenities and layouts, connecting developers with industry-leading designers, landscapers, architects and consultants, and engaging potential buyers through thoughtfully-designed sales centres and integrated marketing materials.

Whatever your need, they have the in-house skills to make it happen.

x  |  Uovo Residences, at Yonge & Hillsdale  |  Now Under construction  |  The Sher Corporation
x  |  The King East, at King St East & Parliament  |  Completed 2014  |  The Sher Corporation
x  |  WE Global Learning Centre, at 339 Queen St East  |  Completed  |  THE DOWNING STREET GROUP
x  |  Downing St Head Office, at 37 Advance Rd  |  Completed  |  THE DOWNING STREET GROUP
x  |  The Garden District, at King St East & Parliament  |  Construction Starting This Fall  |  The Sher Corporation
x  |  The Garden District, at King St East & Parliament  |  Construction Starting This Fall  |  The Sher Corporation
x  |  The Garden District, at King St East & Parliament  |  Construction Starting This Fall  |  The Sher Corporation
x  |  Hoteling suite within the commercial loft space